Pause and Reset

Rest and Play. You need both to harness true happiness. Consider it the yin and the yang – it’s how we keep balance in the world, in our circles, and most importantly, in ourselves.

I have actually taken a few weeks off social media but had to come back due to commitments. If not, I would have stayed off it a little bit longer.

During my absence from Instagram and Facebook, I have managed to reset mentally - spending a lot more time with the people that actually matter to me most. I surprisingly enjoyed not having to keep checking my phone and constantly upload what I was doing. I lost the need to have any recognition from anyone. I appreciated that it was OK if I wasn’t in the know about other people’s lives. I had more time to read (I finished a book - New Year’s Resolution ticked!), meditate and bake. I just felt FREE and not chained to the Millennial Mentality of keeping up with social media. I finally reconnected with myself. Fully.

Anyway, I don’t want to sound preach-y. But why not giving it a go? Pause from social media, even if it’s half a day. Spend time with friends - go out for a meal, go bowling, have a karaoke party, go for a run together -just anything that involves human interaction. Do old-school non-technology catch up. Reset by doing something for you - catch a gig or maybe pick up a new hobby. Dig up something you used to love doing when you weren’t worried about bills and Instagram.

Love, hugs and good vibes,

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