5 Life Truths You NEED To Hear:

Hello my Lovelies. Let me just say that this blog post is inspired by the fact that I have been caught up in life. And that is the reason why I have not blogged for the last few months. I want to share the lessons I have learned during this hiatus in hopes that it will inspire you to act. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Live life to the fullest and look for the good.

1. Believe in Yourself

Stop doubting the power of YOU. You are enough. You have to believe in yourself before others believe in you. There are so many times my lack of confidence has stood in the way of getting what I want – I won’t let that happen again and neither should you.


2. Find a creative outlet to channel negative energy

When you’re having a bad day, sometimes it’s better to distract yourself by doing something you like. Instead of venting it out to other people, why not bake, exercise or write it out, or whatever it is that you love doing. Because the more you vent about the situation, the more you dissect it, the angrier you feel. Try to approach every situation with a fresh mind and a positive mindset. You will probably forget about the bad day you had.


3. Care less about what others think of you

Because chances are, they aren’t even thinking of you. Live the life for YOU. Do what makes YOU happy. And if what makes you happy also makes other people happy, then you are winning in life!


4. Love who you are in real life, not your social media self.

If you had no Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIN, Twitter and Pinterest (have I mentioned all of them?), who would you be? Don’t measure your self-worth in likes and followers, because all of that is superficial. Create a life you are proud of from the inside out. Don’t look for validation from strangers on the internet. Use social media for what it is – a platform to share, connect, and inspire people from all over the world.


5. Stay Humble and Grateful

Instead of worrying about what went wrong in your day, why not count the things that made it OK. Maybe start a daily practise of reflecting on what you are grateful for, as this will remind you of all the good that surrounds you, and in turn, your positive thoughts and energy may radiate to the people around you.


Do you have any life lessons you would like to share with me? 🙂



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